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Belinda July 2020b

Belinda Fairbanks

Licensed Hearing Aid Dealer

Meet Belinda Fairbanks

One of the highlights of my life is when I put hearing aids on a paitent and a smile just illuminates their face because all of the sudden, they can hear again. This changes the quality of their life with great benefits like easier and more accurate communication with others , more desire for social interaction, and even benefits by keeping the brain stimulated. I kind of fell into this career by dissatisfaction with the previous job. Looking back, I believe God had this in mind for me because it is all I want to do.
I love being involved with a continually evolving technology that is in tune to the struggles people have in all sorts of listening environments. When I first started, in 1995, hearing aids had little trim pots for adjustments. It was a nightmare for me, hit and miss for a little improvement. Now it is just the opposite.